5 Ways to Stay Organized As A New Parent On-The-Go

How many of you moms and dads out there REALLY contemplate leaving the house with babies and toddlers?

I know I do everyday! As a mom with a toddler and a baby I have to mentally prepare myself just to step out the door. But I would also go crazy if I had to stay at the house all day!

So here are few key items from Camanda Baby that I never leave the house without and really make on-the-go parenting a little easier.

1. Baby Stroller Bags for those outings to the zoo or a walk to the park. These bags have easy access to everything you need from pacifiers to bottles to diapers and even have a wipe dispenser built in on the front for quick clean up of any mess!
2. Stroller Hooks to do all the heavy lifting for you. Stop carrying all those bags and hook them to your stroller. Great for the dog's leash too!
3. Diaper Backpacks that are way easier on the back then the typical shoulder strap bags. With built in bottle temperature regulated pockets and access to the bottom of the back with a special pocket in the back you won't be scrambling to find anything your little one needs!
4. Nursing Covers to feed your baby anywhere. These covers give you the confidence and privacy to feed your baby anytime in any location. With a unique D-ring built at the neckline to see your baby clearly during feeding time.  
5. Washable Silicone Baby Bibs to keep your baby's clothes clean while eating out. These bibs are great and so easy to wash. Just rinse with soap and water! 


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